I am Sanoop Thomas (s4n7h0), a seasoned security professional and researcher with over a decade of experience with a diverse industry background including teaching, consulting and product security with a passion to solve complex security problems. my field of interest includes fuzzing software vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, malware analysis, application security and automating security pentest/analysis methodologies.

I have moderated open communities like null open community chapter in Singapore and Mumbai locations and organised over hundreds of events and workshops to spread security awareness in the community. Some of my public activities are listed in the timeline.

I am the creator and maintainer of Halcyon IDE project. I also publishes information security related contents including SecTools Podcast show on InfoSec Campus.

I have spoken at multiple international security conferences that includes Nullcon, OWASP India, DevSecCon, HITBGSEC, Rootcon, Defcon (Demo Labs) and Blackhat (Arsenal - Vegas and Singapore). I am is also the founding organizer for BSides Singapore.

If you wish to support my work. https://ko-fi.com/s4n7h0

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